Patriarchal dogma hinders the progress of women by deeming them lesser, weaker, and at times, impure. Nature has bestowed the female body with an amazing ability to breed life. And with life comes blood.

Most women bleed or have bled at some time in their life. And yet menstruation which…

It’s 2020 and the stigma surrounding periods has still not become history. Even today so many women and young girls are so ashamed even say the word ‘period’ in public, let alone discuss it.

Contrary to the common opinion which says that women are more open about such talk if…

The word cyborg is an abbreviated version of ‘cybernetic organism’. The term was invented in 1960 by Manfred Clynes and Nathan S Clyne. A cyborg is defined as any living being that has both organic and mechanical/electrical parts that either restore or enhance the organism’s functioning. …

Bushra Mahnoor

Writing is all the catharsis I need | Psychology student | Feminist

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